How to Use Tech and Customer Service Solutions to Improve Your Customer Service

GuidesFor Team

Companies nowadays are learning the importance of good customer service. Instead of using the traditional way of providing support and assistance to existing and potential customers, they are relying on customer service solutions to satisfy their clients.

Forrester recently stated that businesses, particularly the top officials of the company, have already realized the importance of prioritizing improving customer service. According to a recent survey, 72 percent of companies have made providing top-class customer service as their top priority.

However, almost half of those companies are still not looking at the chance to improve customer service using the latest technology.  Some of their leaders may fear that additional expenses or are not that willing to learn about technology.

Streamlined process and improved workflow

The latest customer service solutions focus on streamlining business processes for improved workflows and efficiency. It helps agents get to know the customers easily because most information about these customers  are stored in a systematic way.

Contact information and previous cases can be viewed easily, making customer-agent interaction faster than usual. Customers hate waiting and telling their issues again and again. It could seriously hurt the business as New Voice Media revealed that businesses are losing $62 billion because of bad customer service.

Technology also makes employees more productive. Instead of using too many different applications in catering to the concern of clients, customer service solutions can give them all the information they need most of the time.

Unclogging communication

As mentioned above, customers hate long wait times, which is usually caused by clogged phone lines and long live chat queues. To prevent customers from abandoning calls and live chats, companies are also now relying on automated responses like using chatbots.

While human-to-human interaction is still the best way to solve an issue or address a concern, chatbots are now being used as they  can behave in a human-like manner. Business Insider stated that a recent survey revealed that 80 percent of companies are planning to rely on chatbots by 2020.

Most businesses are convinced that using customer service solutions will alleviate the need for huge workforce for phone and chat support. This will then lead to reduced operational cost and improved interaction time. This will make customers more engaged, which, according to Gallup Research, could bring 23 percent more revenue.

Moreover, tech and customer service solutions are equipped with different tools that can help the business owners make decisions easier than the usual. Huge amount of customers means huge volume of data, which makes it very hard to make decisions based on opinion. Chattermill states that  because of the improved customer service technology, companies can now rely on artificial intelligence to collect data and make an informed decision. It will make it easier for companies to determine the areas that need improvement in order to satisfy their customers in the long run.