How a Customer Service Solution Improves Customer Engagement

GuidesFor Team

Exemplary customer service will bring a lot of success to a company. On the other hand, bad customer service could eventually lead to the downfall of the company or loss of its revenues and market share.

The competition nowadays is very high, which means customers will find it easy to look for another company if they are not satisfied with what they are getting from their current service provider. Customer engagement is critical and this is the reason why customer service solution is becoming a must-have for companies today.

Customer satisfaction could very well dictate if the company will flourish in the future or not. Customers will not hesitate to voice out their frustrations, which could seriously deter the growth of the company if there will be no improvements.

Popular social media websites are now being used by customers to share their experience – both negative and positive. One negative comment could eventually become viral, thus adversely affecting the reputation of the company. But on the flip side, good feedback will likely bring new customers to the business.

Customer engagement as a vital metric

According to Gallup Research, engaged customers bring 23 percent more revenue to the business. Engaged customers deliver better revenue compared to an average customer. This is why companies should focus on improving customer engagement if they want to thrive in the industry.

The traditional customer service strategies are becoming quite ineffective nowadays because of the rise of advanced customer service solutions. Customer service solution improves customer engagement in different ways, bringing higher success rate to companies today.

As much as possible, companies should not let their customer wait when they are seeking for assistance because a longer wait time means bad customer experience. And according to NewVoiceMedia, businesses are losing $62 billion because of bad customer experience.

The traditional customer service strategies usually make the customer wait before getting a response. But now that different customer service solutions – like software – are available in the market, clients will get a quick response with the necessary support templates.

Though some customers prefer a personal conversation with an agent, having templates will bring fast and high quality response. By responding to the organization’s template, customers will also receive a very informative response, which could also encourage them to look for answers to their questions on their own. This can also indirectly reduce the workload for the employees of the company.

Customer service solutions improve customer engagement because it prevents “hold time” most of the time. An Accenture survey indicated that customers hate being placed on hold, especially if they have already called about the same concern several times.

Unlike before when customers are forced to give details about the issue again and again, customer service solutions make it easier for agents to look for the needed information and previous interaction. This will make customers feel that they are not being taken for granted.

Moreover, for companies who cannot afford to have agents available 24 hours and seven days a week, customer service solutions is the answer. Instead of closing the support line for 10-12 hours a day, which could bring negative impact to customer engagement, companies have an option through customer service solutions.

Instead of communicating directly to an agent, customers can ask questions and will then get several options to pick from. Most of the time, responses are pointing to FAQs and knowledge base pages of the company’s website. So instead of forcing the customers to wait until agents get to work, these tools can help the customers solve their issues on their own.

Instead of treating customer engagement simply as a support metric, companies should focus on improving it to have a better relationship with their customers, Gallup Research stated. The efforts and expenses allocated for improvements will not go down the drain as it is expected to yield better customer engagement, which is synonymous to having higher sales and profitability.